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Four Winns

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Vessel Details

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First impressions count. Use your best photo to draw your customer base.

Provide additional eye catching photos to show your customers why they should book your boat. *Note - We recommend using your main display photo as your first additional photo so your best photo makes it to your listing gallery.

Boat in the Sea
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Amenities - Provide up to 6 of your best amenities.


Listing Details (Not sure what to write? We offer a free service and will be happy to write this for you. Just let us know below!)

Listing Details

Captain Information

*Note - We only collect payments related to captains if the charter price includes the captain. We do not collect fees or payments for captains if the captains fee is not included and is in addition to the charter prices provided. Thereforeyou must describe the additional captain fees in "Additional Information" field on both the "Listing Details" & "Confirmation Details" section of this page and collect these payments at your own discretion.


Duration & Pricing

You can provide up to 8 different durations

It is important that you put your durations and pricing in order from lowest to highest.










You're in control of your commission. Your commission will determine where your listing will be placed amongst other listings. The higher your commission is the more likely your listing is to appear before other listings.

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Duration & Pricing

Confirmation Details

What is the contact name and phone number of the person your renters should contact in regards to their reservation with you? We strongly recommend using your first name only for privacy reasons.

Where would you like to receive your confirmation email when your boat is booked?

What is the address of your primary pick-up location for this listing?

Provide any additional details that should be provided in your renters confirmation email. Describe any parking instructions, additional fees, optional add-ons, gratuity remarks and/or any other important information.


Cancelation Policy



How would you like us to check availability for this listing when customers are ready to make a reservation?

We recommend providing access to your online calendar in order get more bookings.


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